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London to WestMids
Phase 1

WestMids to Crewe
Phase 2a
official DfT data

Crewe to MCR
WestMids to Leeds
Phase 2b - 2016
official DfT data
Phase 2b - 2013
official DfT data

Other web pages
what is the HS2?

Maps showing the route of Phase 1 of the proposed HS2

Initially, the Department for Transport (DfT) proposed to create the HS2 in two phases: Phase 1 being from London to the West Midlands (including Birmingham) and Phase 2 taking the line further North. In 2015, Phase 2 was split into two stages: Phase 2a will be from the West Midlands to Crewe. And Phase 2b will have two legs: one from Crewe to Manchester and the other from the West Midlands to Leeds and South Yorkshire.
The map on the right uses magenta for Phase 1, yellow for Phase 2a, red for Phase 2b.

This web page provides maps showing the route of Phase 1. The underlying map can be from the Ordnance Survey, OpenStreetMap, Google or Bing. The route on these maps should be accurate as it is derived from data provided by the DfT for the latest version of this route (which was published in January 2012).

To see a map showing how close the post-consultation route for Phase 1 comes to some place, type into the box below the name of the place (e.g., Aylesbury), a postcode (e.g., HP20 2QA) or a grid reference (e.g.,SP818137, SP81821372 or SP8182913729). Then click the search for place button.

If you type in the name of a place, you don't have to type in all of the name and the searching doesn't worry about capital letters. So, for example, instead of Aylesbury you could type in ayle and it would find any place that has ayle as part of its name.

Only places that are not far away from the route of Phase 1 will be found.

Instead, you may wish to see the whole route of Phase 1. So, here are some links to maps displaying the whole route of Phase 1. There are two main variants of the map: one provides detailed information (e.g., showing for each section of the route whether it is a cutting, a tunnel, ...) and the other just shows the route.

map showing a detailed route map showing a basic route
Ordnance Survey map Ordnance Survey map
OpenStreetMap map OpenStreetMap map
Google Maps Google Maps
Bing Maps Bing Maps
a DfT map (large PDF)
a jpg of DfT map (small)

The DfT has a web page that has links to a collection of maps that provide a detailed depiction of Phase 1, the route from London to the West Midlands.

map of the routes of HS2